We need to talk…

Women talking about menopause

Hello everyone.

Last Wednesday, 18th of October, was World Menopause Day.

Well, we’re making progress, at least we have our own day now! More on that later.

Caroline and I have just completed a 30 day challenge on making videos. Every day we had to make a 2 minute video; we were given a tip on how to improve, and a prompt on what to talk about. It was scary, but also fun and we learnt a huge amount. Video is a fantastic way to communicate, so expect to see lots of them from us in the future!

We read and research a lot about all things related to menopause, and the other day we came across an article where the author commented on how many of us had the “talk” in our early teens on the changes to expect when our bodies entered puberty. It was a confusing time, but it was also exciting because we were on the threshold of becoming women and there was a lot to look forward to.

Well, women need the same talk on entering menopause. We need to be told what changes are happening in our bodies and how to deal with them. Although it’s the end of our reproductive cycle, there is just as much reason to be excited. It’s actually the beginning of freedom and the opportunity to indulge in me-time. Once we’ve got the hang of managing our hormones, and that’s where we can help, the world opens up! We’ve got time to do all the things that we want.So think of it as a huge adventure. We’ll help you with this too. Look out for videos from us on how to make your menopause an exciting and liberating time! 

You can watch our first video here