Why you don’t need to be scared of menopause

Many women are scared of menopause. Here we discuss why it's perfectly normal and allay your fears

Menopause has been a time which women have feared for many years. Unlike men, women have a clear indicator that they are getting older. The menopause has traditionally been a taboo subject, often referred to as ‘the change’.

Women are worried and frightened by menopause as it represents a time of loss: loss of fertility, youth, bone density and full functioning. Not only that, it brings with it an array of seemingly unconnected symptoms; hot flushes, memory loss, decreased libido, sleep problems and mood swings to name but a few. Small wonder then that one of the major symptoms: anxiety, has women beating a path to the surgery door in search of a cure for these ills.

There is no doubting that menopause with all its symptoms can be uncomfortable and frightening for some women. Just as a girl getting  her first period  can be confused and overwhelmed by all the changes occurring, a perimenopausal woman is equally unsure what is going to happen next for her. However menopause is a completely natural and expected stage of life. What woman would really want to be able to bear children into her eighties? (Urghh No Thanks!)  It makes biological sense that women shouldn’t be able to reproduce until the end of her life as human children require a very long period of care before they can fend for themselves (it seems to be getting longer all the time).

Now that  the average life expectancy of a woman is in the mid 80s and beyond, and the average age they go through menopause is 51, women can be reasonably sure they have 30+ years of life post menopause. When you consider that, it makes complete sense to embrace the menopause as not just marking the end of your reproductive years but the threshold to a previously unexperienced freedom. It’s a time to make plans for the future, learn new skills and determine how you are going to enjoy the rest of your life unfettered by previous responsibilities (and worry-free in white trousers!) if that’s what you want to do.

Yes, some of the symptoms are uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean they should be medicalised. There are many ways to treat the effects of the menopause without resorting to the dreaded HRT with all its associated risks.

A positive outlook will help you enormously.  You should also pay attention to what goes into your body as food and drink and on it as powders, creams, detergents and the like. Avoidance of toxic substances and a healthy organic diet will also make a big difference.

As proponents of a natural menopause we recommend applying a natural source of progesterone which will reduce all the symptoms. but there are many natural ways you can treat your symptoms.

Horror stories from women who have already been through it don’t help. Just like childbirth, every woman’s experience is slightly different. Many women hardly notice when they are menopausal and you may be one of them. Above all, whatever your experience of menopause, you can rest assured that you don’t have to suffer in silence. Remember this is your time to be awesome!!

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