6 New Year’s resolutions all menopausal women need to make

Your behaviours make all the difference to your experience of menopause. Try these 6 new years resolutions for a healthy happy and stress free menopause.

It’s a brand new year and lots of us resolve to make a fresh start by deciding on a whole variety of New Year’s resolutions to change our lives and carry us through the next year.  Rather than thinking of these as resolutions (which often feel temporary), consider them as healthy habits to develop for a stress free, healthy menopause.

Have a positive attitude.

Be aware of the number of times you say anything negative during the day. You may be surprised how many there are. Try to catch yourself and turn those negatives into positives. Having a positive attitude will make not only your day feel brighter but will impact on your whole life.

Improve your eating habits.

Drastically reducing the amount of processed food you eat will reduce additives and other nasties from your diet. If you currently live out of the ready meal section of the supermarket, try to gradually increase the number of home cooked meals you eat. They don’t have to be complicated. Where possible eat organic foods and ensure you include lots of fresh vegetables.

Make time for yourself.

Recharge your batteries regularly. Making 5-10 minutes each day for meditation is a great practice and will quiet your mind and reduce stress.

Balance your hormones

Avoid synthetic HRT with all its associated dangers. Instead apply a natural progesterone cream, the mother hormone, which will get your body producing the amounts of other hormones it requires and protect you from osteoporosis into the bargain. We have a great supplier of natural progesterone  and if you’d like to know more please do contact us at info@menopausematters.guru

Dress to impress

Make yourself feel fabulous by having a look through your wardrobe and weeding out anything which doesn’t fit or makes you feel dowdy. Lot of ladies refer to menopause as the change and for you it is definitely change for the better.


Develop a healthy exercise habit. It doesn’t need to be strenuous or excessive. Simply increasing the amount of walking you do by taking the stairs or parking you car further away. These will build exercise into your day and you will hardly notice it.  You will really notice the benefits of exercise if you can fit in in 3-4 times a week for about 30 minutes. Try different ways of exercising until you find one you love, this will encourage you to continue.


There are lots more things you can do for a healthy, stress free menopause, but start small and keep at it. You’ll notice the difference in no time.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for a happy healthy year?