Menopause. Is it a modern myth?

Menopause. Is it a modern myth?

We’re always interested in finding different explanations of menopause, and even more to hear your opinions.

Helen has recently visited a homotoxicologist , a biomedical  therapy based on homeopathy who recommended a book Medical Medium by Anthony William.  The book contains chapters on various conditions and offers explanations for them.  As you can imagine we were fascinated to read his theory of menopause.  

William notes that throughout history menopause has been viewed positively. The medical literature contains few references to menopause particularly in a detrimental way. This all changed around the 1950s. Women born from 1900 on were the first to experience the symptoms we now associate with menopause, hot flushes, mood swings, depression etc. He also noted that men suffer the same symptoms around that age, weight gain, depression forgetfulness and ‘work sweats’.

“Physicians reported the epidemic to pharmaceutical companies and at first the consensus was that it was all in women’s heads – it was just crazy woman syndrome. They had to be making up their symptoms because otherwise it made no sense. It was all a cry for attention, a sign they were bored. Women were told to join the PTA” (WTF?!)

So what changed between 1900-1950 to make menopause the monster it is seen as today? Williams proposes a number of factors which attribute all the blame to menopause when the symptoms are the result of a variety of causes

Epstein Barr Virus

EBV was taking root in the early 1900s. the theory here is that it entered the womens bodies and spends decades building up to the inflammatory condition which causes symptoms and coincides with the onset of perimenopause.

Radiation exposure

Most women of the time were exposed to huge amounts of radiation just through buying shoes. From the 1920s-50s each shoe shop and department contained an ingenious foot measuring device called a fluoroscope. This amazing machine took an x-ray of the foot bones to enable shoe sales people to get an accurate picture of your foot and therefore find and sell the best fitting shoes. The dose of radiation delivered each time was unmeasured and unregulated. Luckily by the 1950s the dangers of radiation had been discovered and the fluoroscope was removed from service. Many women had legs amputated and suffered from related cancers around this time and all were attributed to the menopause rather than the real culprit.

DDT exposure

In the 1940s and 50s DDT was seen as a wonder pesticide. Little was known about the incredible harm it did due to its toxicity. Use of DDT peaked in the 1950s and the central nervous system and liver were overloaded with the toxin.

Williams states that menopause was used as a scapegoat for a variety of reasons and it does not make sense that something which had previous caused no problems should suddenly be the root cause of all the symptoms of menopause.

Now it’s quite possible that these theories do explain some exacerbation in symptoms in women. However, there are other possibilities. Since the turn of the last century there has been a huge increase in the manufacturing industry. We use more artificial chemicals than ever before in cleaning products, cosmetics and industrially. The xeno-oestrogens found in these have a severe effect on hormone and hormone balance. You can read more about oestrogen dominance in our article 10 Signs of Oestrogen Dominance and What You Can Do About It.

What do you think?  What other explanations for menopause and its symptoms have you heard? We’d love to hear  your views. Feel free to comment on this blog. fffff