K is for Kundalini

In times gone by, menopause was seen as a natural part of life. Then in the 1960s, with the expanding of the drug industry, menopause began to be treated as an illness, needing HRT and/or tranquillisers. As well as weight gain and hot flushes, women worried about losing their femininity, youth, vitality and libido.But looked at in a different way, it can be a whole new and exciting experience

Some healers have explored the connection between menopause and kundalini. Kundalini is energy that rests in the body. It is thought that when women allow it, kundalini can be awakened during menopause. The word is Sanskrit for “serpent-power” and it is useful to picture this energy as a coiled snake or as energy that is sleeping. It rests at the base of the spine, waiting for us to awaken it and use its great potential. Perhaps a better way to think of it is as a heightened sense of awareness and consciousness.

Some yogis and healers believe that menopause hot flushes are actually releases of kundalini energy being guided up the spine. Just think of them as “power surges!” 

We can become aware on a new level. As kundalini ascends, it passes through each of our energy centres, so we may feel some physical side effects such as headaches, heart palpitations, indigestion, etc. Often, menopause symptoms simply disappear over time. To make the most of this transformation, try to spend some time alone in a natural setting every week. Sit in the park with your back against a tree. Walk barefoot in the sand at the beach. Hike a trail in the mountains to watch the sunrise. Or listen to peaceful music and allow your feelings and thoughts to flow. If you’re having trouble sleeping, allow yourself to take catnaps during the day, and remember, you’re at an age now where you don’t care what other people think! Relax and allow what is happening to flow through you.

The average menopausal woman is not an ancient crone! There are safe, natural ways ways to relieve the symptoms. We can view menopause as an opportunity to achieve something that only comes with age – maturity and wisdom. These days women can live active healthy lives well into their eighties and beyond, and look forward to new and exciting and opportunities.