Anxiety, Menopause and the dreaded C word

One of the most common symptoms of the menopause is anxiety. With the world in turmoil over the Corona pandemic, worry, tension and fear have a really negative effect so it makes sense to reduce them as soon as possible.  If you have felt more anxious than usual try these 5 ways to alleviate it.

1. Meditation – Calm your mind by developing a meditation habit. Select a quiet, comfortable place and meditate for a few minutes each day. You don’t need any special equipment, just a quiet space. Getting out in nature, if possible in these restricted times, helps too. You can find plenty of meditation videos on You Tube. Two we recommend are One-Moment Meditation by Marty Boroson and the brilliant Waking Up by Sam Harris.

2.  Take time out –  Where possible remove yourself from the situation which is making you anxious. Listen to music, read a book, catch up on a box set or learn relaxation techniques. Lots of people are relieving stress by Spring Cleaning!

3.  Diet – Choose foods to boost your mood. Foods rich in Vitamin B such as pork, chicken, leafy greens and citrus fruits. Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) have been linked with uplifted and enhanced moods. Try salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines. Avoid caffeinated drinks and sugar and anything processed. All foods should be organic to avoid the interfering effects of added hormones and pesticides.

4. Exercise – Evidence shows a link between physical activity and mental wellbeing so try introducing more exercise into your day. There are loads of fitness experts offering programs on TV and YouTube, including 30 day yoga with Adrienne and dishy Joe Wicks, the Body Coach! And if you’re able to safely go out for a walk, make it a brisk one. That combines exercise with the benefits of Nature and fresh air. Even fresher these days with the drop in pollution from traffic 🙂

5. Sleep – Make sure you get enough sleep. Tiredness exacerbates anxiety and you can cope with life much better if you aren’t feeling tired and grumpy. If you’re having trouble sleeping try our article on sleep How to get a good night’s sleep

Have you noticed yourself feeling more anxious since peri-menopause? What have you tried? Share your remedies with us in the comments section or on our Facebook page