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Helen Dearlove, Menopause Matters Guru

Helen Dearlove

I am one of those millions of women who initially had a very hard time indeed dealing with the many challenges of menopause. Fortunately I was deeply interested in various branches of human health, most particularly nutrition, natural hormone therapy and mental attitude, and I delved into anything and everything I could find on those subjects.

It took me more than a year of very hard work to learn to live with what was happening to me, but during that process I discovered many truths that I have been able now to  pass onto others with great success.

Caroline Love, Menopause Matters Guru

Caroline Love

I love to help women during transitions. I specialise in confidence and mindset. I have  been coaching for several years and am very proud to have been presented with several awards - my favourite one is a national award for women's advocate/role model

I live with my daughter and love long walks by the sea and trying new challenges

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