Apps to help you during menopause: Let technology take the strain

Apps to help with menopause

In the days of smart phones, tablets and even smart watches there seems to be an app for everything. Apps make life easier on so many levels. I can use my phone to take videos, store documents, check out my social media, listen to podcasts and music and so much more. So it makes sense that with all this amazing technology at our fingertips there must be a way to get our smart phones to do some of the work of menopause.


Well, wonder no more. There are loads of apps which can help with aspects of menopause whether directly or indirectly.


At Menopause Matters Guru we’re avid app fans so we’d like to recommend a few which can help ease your transition through menopause and beyond. Some are free and some have a small charge.

N.B. some of these are our tried and tested favourites and not directly menopause related but they help nonetheless.

8 Apps to help your menopause

Evernote. Are you plagued with brain fog? Evernote is a helps you keep everything in one place. You can make notes, lists, take photos, record voice memos. You can keep different files for different areas of your life and easily search them. Evernote is great for organising several different projects at once and will sync everything between your phone, tablet and computer.


One minute meditation Helen recommend this app for reducing stress and improving focus. Amazing what you can achieve in just one minute. Well worth a try


Headspace – we recommend meditation as a way of calming your mind and helping with anxiety and mood swings. Headspace will help you develop a meditation habit by prompting you every day. You can upgrade once you’ve got used to the healthy living habits Headspace recommends with different packs.


7 minute workout – All it takes to keep you fit. A 7 minute workout 3 times a week. There are lots of different versions and this is one of our favourites. Positive Health Wellness have produced a fantastic infographic about the benefits of doing a 7 minute workout and you can find it here


ShopWell: Healthy Diet and Grocery Food Scanner – This app is only available on IOS and I was unable to find it in the app store, but if you can download it, it’s a good way of seeing what you are eating. You can list the foods/substances you wish to avoid and use the scanner to check for those ingredients. A really useful app for avoiding some of those horrible xeno-oestrogens and also for allergies.


Sleep Cycle – this is another app I was unsure about including. It’s really good for tracking the quality of your sleep and the alarm wakes you up in the lightest part of your sleep. However, to facilitate the tracking you need to have your phone very close by and one of our recommendations for a good nights sleep is to remove devices with electromagnetic fields from your bedroom. Make your own choice!


Symple is a symptom tracker app which is used for general health monitoring. You set up the symptoms you wish to monitor e.g. hot flushes and use the app to track them. The information is very useful and handy if you need to visit a doctor or just for personal use.

Clue Another tracker specifically designed for tracking your periods and ovulation.


These are just a few of the apps available. There are plenty more.

What would you look for in a menopause app? Or tell us your favourites and we’ll share them in our social media